MRO Services for
the Chemical
Manufacturing Industry

MRO plays a key role in chemical plant operations. The cost, availability, and management of materials and products, from sourcing through issuance, are a critical part of delivering plant reliability, profitability, and continuous improvement.

Regardless of the chemicals produced – polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, or something else – maintaining production is imperative to profitability. When downtime occurs, it often costs tens of thousands of dollars per hour in lost production time.

How Do We Help These Industries?

As a long-time service provider to the chemical industry, RS Integrated Supply understands the challenges and barriers chemical manufacturers face. We have the deep history and industry expertise necessary to deliver plant reliability through stronger management of MRO materials.

Common Challenges of the Chemical Manufacturing Industry

  • Disorganized and poorly managed MRO storerooms 
  • Out of control and obsolete inventory
  • Poor MRO data across sites and geographies
  • Labor inefficiencies
  • Inaccurate and inconsistent Bills of Material
  • Lack of critical spares identification
  • Inability to Integrate existing systems 
  • No Real-Time Reporting

How Do We Address These Challenges?

RS Integrated Supply’s fully integrated supply program attacks each of those challenges head on, delivering value to the often-ignored MRO supply chain through:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Storeroom Management
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Data Normalization
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Continuous Improvement

Our programs enable chemical manufacturers to maintain operations while reducing material costs and improving maintenance effectiveness. Each program is customized to meet your requirements. 

RS Integrated Supply leverages a nearly $1 billion managed MRO spend in developing strong supplier relationships that reduce material costs and improve inventory accuracy.

The Advantage of Leaving Your MRO Up to Us

RS Integrated Supply strives to:

  • Introduce MRO supply chain planning through: Master Data Standardization,  Critical spare identification, and Inventory Strategy
  • Deliver 10-15% material savings over the course of our contracts
  • Lower total transactions and associated costs
  • Improve visibility to parts availability and processes

Our programs consistently produce 25-30% total-cost-of-ownership savings over the length of our engagement.

That’s the RS Integrated Supply advantage.

See Us In Action

Manufacturing MRO Case Study

The Issue

Our large manufacturing client had issues tracking their inventory, leading to many duplicate and unneeded SKUs. They were wasting money and time with poor inventory control and procurement. We stepped in and found four of the same product under different brand names! The issue exposed process inefficiencies that were clearly costing the client money. We were prepared to fix their inventory management practices and address their data issues that were the root cause.

Our Solution

We implemented a data program to locate all their duplicate inventory and analyze their purchasing history. With this data, we were able to equip them with the correct procurement strategies to avoid purchasing duplicate products and optimize their future purchasing programs.

The Numbers

RS Integrated Supply contributed to a reduction in overall inventory by more than 30% over 3 years, roughly $2 million in savings.

Want more? Read our additional manufacturing Case Study.

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