MRO Supply Chain Management Solutions

We are the leading provider of global MRO integrated supply chain management services.

Managing more than $500 million in spend, we leverage that purchasing power to drive down costs associated with the entire MRO supply chain.

We work with clients in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, consumer products, medical devices, printing & publishing, metals & mining, specialty chemicals, rubber & plastics, aerospace, food & beverage, colleges & universities, hospitals, utilities and more.

Our turnkey services go beyond purchasing indirect materials. Our expertise reaches deep into your organization to maximize results. We examine your entire supply chain, engaging all departments and stakeholders within your organization in developing a flexible, customized MRO solution and strategy that ensures maximum savings and efficiency. Our goal: put you back in control of your MRO supply chain.

Our MRO Solutions include distinct offerings – Integrated Supply, Procurement Services and Engineering & Consulting. All are supported by our Technology platform – Synovos SYNC™. Each program is custom tailored to address your unique challenges whether that is sustained cost savings through leveraged procurement, improved maintenance effectiveness, inventory optimization, standardized data, equipment reliability and more.


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