Integrated Supply Chain for the Life Sciences Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

We manage the MRO supply chain for some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers & life science companies in the world. They rely on our expertise to implement MRO best practices and maintain production and facilities, all while reducing costs.

How Do We Help These Industries?

Through our proven expertise in: 

  • Strategic sourcing 
  • Master data management 
  • Storeroom operations 
  • Inventory optimization Equipment reliability

We collaborate with our life sciences and pharmaceutical manufacturing clients in identifying critical spare parts, assessing risk related to those spares, and developing a comprehensive plan that includes a strategic sourcing strategy, inventory management and storeroom operations, data management and analytics, and continuous improvement. And we do it while maintaining our clients’ adherence to GMP practices. 

We leverage our $500 million managed spend to reduce inventory levels, introduce consistent procurement practices across sites, and improve maintenance effectives by guaranteeing 100% accuracy on critical spares. 

The Advantage of Leaving Your MRO Up to Us

Whether you manufacture pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, or animal health products, we work to:

  • Introduce MRO supply chain planning through: Master Data Standardization, Critical spare identification, and Inventory Strategy
  • Deliver 10-15% material savings over the course of our contracts
  • Lower total transactions and associated costs
  • Improve visibility to parts availability and processes

Our programs consistently deliver 25-30% total-cost-of-ownership savings over the length of our engagement.

See Us In Action

Life Sciences MRO Case Study

The Issue

Our client was a large life science company with 16 different storerooms! But a lack of fundamental MRO planning and implementation, including no reliable means for tracking purchasing history or inventory beyond Excel spreadsheets. This poor data management was causing them to have 15% of materials being out of stock when they needed them. 

Our Solution

We started by completing a full wall-to-wall inventory count at both plant locations and consolidating multiple storerooms into a single hub where materials were received and issued so they could start with an organized inventory storage system. But all our hard work would be quickly undone if they did not have the proper way to handle data and track inventory. To update their data management system we implemented a proprietary supply chain software system which we integrated into the client’s Accounts Payable system. This revolutionized the way they handled inventory, making it automated and seamless.

The Numbers

Savings topped more than $600,000 in the first year, exceeding previous earned savings by more than 10 times. Inventory fill rate consistently topped the monthly goal of 98%, while non-stock on-time delivery rates also beat the established goal of 95%.

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