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In the Life Sciences industry, maintaining production can be a life-threatening issue. If a product is not available because of production downtime, people’s lives are affected.

RS Integrated Supply services engage your entire MRO supply chain in developing a flexible and customized solution that delivers maximum savings and continuous improvement. Our team of industry experts evaluates your MRO processes – from sourcing through issuance – to identify improvement opportunities and reduce downtime. The objective is to eliminate waste throughout the supply chain while creating cost savings and efficiency gains.

Our full MRO supply chain management program includes implementation of data standardization, inventory optimization, storeroom staffing, and industry best practices to drive down costs and improve maintenance effectiveness.

Issues Facing the Industry

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Industry and government requirements, consumer demands, and other market forces are reshaping the modern-day supply chain. In Life Sciences, these market forces impact how businesses use technology and innovative solutions to improve workflows and remove supply chain disruptions.

Common issues impacting the Life Sciences MRO supply chain include:

Implementing an integrated approach in managing your MRO storeroom and spare parts program can help resolve these kinds of issues. That approach includes streamlining your supply chain through strategic sourcing, inventory optimization, storeroom management and data standardization.

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Are you ready to take your MRO program to the next level? RS Integrated Supply experts work with you to evaluate parts and establish best practices in lowering inventory levels and improving maintenance effectiveness and production efficiency.

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