MRO Solutions

RS Integrated Supply is the leading provider of global MRO integrated supply chain management services.

Managing more than $500 million in spend, we leverage that purchasing power to drive down costs associated with the entire MRO supply chain.

We work with clients in industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, consumer products, medical devices, printing & publishing, metals & mining, specialty chemicals, rubber & plastics, aerospace, food & beverage, colleges & universities, hospitals, utilities and more.

Our Services

RS Integrated Supply services engage your entire supply chain in developing a flexible and customized MRO solution that delivers maximum savings and efficiency gains. Building on our subject matter expertise and industry-leading best practices earned over 30-plus years, we optimize your inventory, identify usage trends, eliminate duplicates, reduce costs, ease transaction processing and more.
RS Integrated Supply Engineering & Consulting services group applies engineering core competencies and project management discipline in evaluating your MRO supply chain processes. Whether conducting project work or evaluating your processes as part of a fully integrated supply program, our team analyzes the end-to-end supply chain and the relationship between maintenance data, equipment performance and spare parts purchasing and management patterns.

Our Platform

RS Integrated Supply’s technology platform is an essential part of our integrated supply programs. Our software, developed on the Microsoft Dynamics™ platform, drives improvements in performance, reliability, efficiency and savings. Our technology consolidates information from your entire supply chain – purchasing, equipment management, bills of materials, maintenance planning and scheduling, and elsewhere into a single source for easier access and a more informed decision-making process.


We are confident you will find RS Integrated Supply a dynamic and rewarding place to work. We consider employees of RS Integrated Supply our most valuable resource. We recognize that our people drive the business. The safety and well-being of each employee is our top priority. RS Integrated Supply’s mission is to follow our founding principles of Respect, Fairness, and Integrity in all our relationships while putting safety first. We cherish these values and are dedicated to displaying them towards our employees throughout their careers with us. Promoting a culture in which employees are properly challenged, trained and rewarded is what leads both our employees and the company to thrive.
Composed of the top supply, asset and technology minds in the business, RS Integrated Supply’s management team is committed to helping our customers achieve maximum savings by synchronizing the supply chain with assets through the innovative use of technology to gain better visibility, greater efficiency, and increased reliability.
RS Integrated Supply was founded in 1987 to help companies reduce indirect supply costs while increasing efficiency and quality. Originally founded as Storeroom Solutions, our focus was on MRO storeroom design, management, and purchasing.
RS Integrated Supply is a leading provider of global integrated supply services. Our global presence includes the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Asia and Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA). Our offering evolved from the traditional storeroom design & operations to include a full range of integrated supply chain, asset management and technology services.
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