Webinar: Using Lean Six Sigma in Harnessing the MRO Supply Chain

In the MRO supply chain, downtime is the enemy.

Establishing Lean Six Sigma processes drives waste out of your supply chain, while improving material flow and equipment evaluation, reducing downtime. It is a system of management that benefits the business, customers, associates, and shareholders.

Separately, Lean and Six Sigma practices each have strengths and weaknesses. For example, Lean cannot bring a process under statistical control. While Six Sigma cannot dramatically improve process speed or reduce invested capital.

Initiating the programs in tandem, bridges those gaps, delivering the best of both worlds: Speed with Quality.

This webinar discusses the origination of Lean Six Sigma and how these two processes allow you to better harness the MRO supply chain. Among the key takeaways:

  • Understanding the pros and cons of implementing Lean, Six Sigma separately or collectively, while exploring:
    • The process philosophy and main purpose of Lean
    • The methodology of Six Sigma
    • Combining them to get speed plus a data-driven opportunity solving approach
  • Using Lean Six Sigma to drive operational excellence and deliver sustained value
  • Defining Lean Six Sigma culture while recognizing the differences to enable acceptance

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