A Practical Guide to Plant Reliability Information Management

As an industry leader working with the most advanced manufacturers and campus environments, Synovos recognizes the changing world of plant and facility reliability.

Meeting the needs of the business, while managing the onslaught of data-driven processes and the need to support increased production demands, has expanded the scope of “reliability” beyond maintenance and asset management. We now find ourselves searching for cohesive ways to manage the “way things have always been done,” while at the same time transitioning and adopting digital, mobile, cloud, IoT and a wide range of automation.

To accomplish that, Synovos introduces Plant Reliability Information Management (PRIM), a framework for all organizations wishing to gain visibility and control of how quality data and information can elevate “maintenance” and “asset management” to a higher, more strategic level.

Plant Reliability Information Management is based on our philosophy that connected teams, tools and processes lead to better problem-solving, development of new and more efficient processes and – ultimately – the delivery of more value to the connected enterprise.

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