Driving Supply Chain Value Through Stronger OEM Partner Relationships

The goal of any MRO supply chain program is to effectively manage the flow of spare parts within the manufacturing ecosystem. Companies spend millions implementing process improvements and technology to generate more effective management practices and lower costs. But it is the relationship building between suppliers and end-users that truly elevates program success, particularly when it comes to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Success demands collaboration and OEM input on relevant supply chain issues:

  • Does the OEM see value in third-party relationships?
  • Is there a special pricing agreement in place? Any escalating savings arrangement from year to year?
  • Is the part truly an OEM product?
  • Do you have accurate part data, specifically manufacturer part number?

That input drives strategy in dealing with lead times, quality issues, costs and more, for the betterment of the end user.

Like any traditional strategy, OEM planning should consider geography, seasonal demands, part criticality, plant shutdowns, etc. But the overarching goal should be to create “value” by enhancing OEM/Customer relationships.

This webinar, hosted by Tom Cummins, Senior Director for Global Procurement for Synovos, explores the complex world of OEMs and the relationship to the MRO supply chain, the importance of sustaining those relationships and how best to deliver:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Cost improvement
  • Inventory optimization and demand management
  • Engineering and value-added services

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