Case Study: The Importance of Standardizing Supply Chain Processes

In order to recognize and understand MRO cost savings opportunities, it’s key to be able to monitor and track what is needed vs. what was purchased. A large health and beauty product manufacturer based in the U.S., operating multiple manufacturing plants, and producing various products across the globe was looking to reduce year-over-year material spend. However, it lacked asset identification, Bills of Materials, or basic visibility into what was being purchased and why.

The company tasked Synovos with identifying the causes for the MRO program to spin out of control and providing a solution. We designed and implemented a fully integrated MRO supply chain management program, complete with standardized processes in purchasing and managing the flow of materials. The program saved the company millions while creating an MRO supply chain management playbook that included industry best practices aimed at sustaining an efficient integrated supply chain.

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