Building a Business Case for MRO Continuous Improvement

For decades the MRO supply chain was virtually ignored as manufacturers focused on managing raw materials and supplies used in producing finished goods. Little attention was given to spare parts and materials consumed to support plant operations.

This is no longer the case.

Technology is forever changing how companies manage the MRO supply chain. From the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to enterprise asset management systems, how materials are sourced, purchased, stocked, issued and tracked, is changing. Transactional data gathered throughout each step of the supply chain offers details on how material is used, creating opportunities for savings and efficiency gains.

This white paper defines the true integrated supply chain – one where technology breaks down old silos, allowing the sharing of information (re: data) that can transform how physical assets are maintained and MRO materials sourced. Data collection from asset performance – vibration, temperature, RPMs, etc. – and tying that data to the supply chain in developing work plans, purchase orders and MRO stocking strategies is here and it’s changing the MRO landscape.

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