Synovos SYNCTM E-Catalog

Synovos SYNCTM E-Catalog delivers value beyond material savings through consolidated invoices, detailed analytics, thorough management reporting and more. The result is an efficient, trusted and consolidated supply base.

SYNOVOS SYNCTM  E-Catalog is a supply chain management tool – a fully functional standalone module with a user interface that is clear, intuitive and efficient.

Unlike a distributor catalog filled with irrelevant general parts information, Synovos SYNCTM E-Catalog is designed for visibility of your parts and inventory, one storeroom or many, across your organization. It synchronizes requirements between your supply chain and equipment reliability activity, including your supplier network, punch-in / punch-out, bills of material visibility, 3D rendering of assets, and EDI interface. The SYNCTM E-Catalog also offers a one-click approval work flow process, allowing managers and other supervisors to approve requisitions with a single click. It is a truly a customized integrated supply management program.

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Synovos Sync™ E-Catalog streamlines the requisition process, offering a feature-rich suite that includes:

  • Dynamic content, including images, descriptions and product hierarchy
  • Ease of search by product attribute, part number, manufacturer and features
  • Enterprise-wide capability with local customization
  • Business-to-consumer experience through intuitive user interface and requisition to receipt tracking
  • Real-time visibility and process controls
    • View and reserve your inventory for maintenance planning and scheduling
    • Manage spend and customize workflow
    • Fulfill and measure supply chain initiatives
  • Diversity
  • Local spending
  • Standardization
  • Sustainability

Case Study

A general manufacturing company located in the Midwest detected a rapid increase in the cost of MRO inventory associated with its production lines. The sharp cost increase was both surprising and confusing. The company deployed Synovos’ storeroom operations program at two of its five production sites to better control MRO inventory, improve purchasing power, and accent the company’s drive for continuous improvement.

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