Storeroom Design
& Operations

RS Integrated Supply’s storeroom design and operation services improve reliability, productivity and savings.

The storeroom is the nexus of the MRO supply chain through which most parts, requisitions, purchase orders, inventory, maintenance requests, etc. must flow. Optimizing the design and overall operation of your MRO storeroom as part of an integrated supply program contributes significantly to overall supply chain performance.

Storeroom management is also where RS Integrated Supply got its start. We know the MRO storeroom operations business better than anyone and we do it exceptionally well. For decades we have delivered Storeroom SolutionsSM to clients across North America before expanding into Singapore and Europe.

We’re successful because we focus on delivering storeroom organization, standard operating procedures and an operational playbook as part of every integrated supply program. Our teams work tirelessly to ensure you see improved maintenance effectiveness, reliability, and productivity and overall savings.

Our Storeroom SolutionsSM include complete MRO supply chain management, staffing, material processing – receiving, stocking, issuing, and tracking – inventory optimization, critical spares identification, cycle counting, and more with the goal of reducing obsolete inventory.

I initially had some concerns with an outside company taking over parts order, re-stocking, etc. I have to say that my misgivings were 100% unwarranted.

RS Integrated Supply provides experienced site personnel, including storeroom attendants, buyers and site managers, supported by our Center-Led Procurement team and operations management. The structure enables fast, accurate managing of issues with escalation procedures clearly identified.

For our Engineering & Consulting Services, our team evaluates your MRO storeroom, identifying problem areas, traffic flow, material storage, processes, and potential safety issues, with an eye toward improving overall performance.

Our bench is deep and we’re ready when and where you need us most.

RS Integrated Supply. Realize results.

Synovos' experienced site personnel

Case Study

A general manufacturing company located in the Midwest detected a rapid increase in the cost of MRO inventory associated with its production lines. The sharp cost increase was both surprising and confusing. The company deployed Synovos’ storeroom operations program at two of its five production sites to better control MRO inventory, improve purchasing power, and accent the company’s drive for continuous improvement.

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