Logistics &
Inventory Management

RS Integrated Supply's logistics and inventory management capabilities provide strategic opportunities to positively impact operational uptime, product availability and your overall cost structure.

RS Integrated Supply logistics and inventory management services provide additional opportunities to reduce material costs and improve uptime without impacting product availability. These services go beyond buying leverage and storeroom operation efficiency gains.

These off-site services focus on consumption optimization and reduction through:

  • Logistical Management
    • Liquidation of obsolete or slow-moving inventory
  • Bulk purchasing
    • Mitigation of cost increase and price variations resulting from commodity volatility
  • Secure storage
    • Assets and critical spares
    • Compliant to regulated requirements for storage & off-site kitting
  • Plant shutdown services
    • Project efficiency leads to abbreviated shutdown time
  • Dedicated customer inventory
  • Global spare parts management and storage
  • Flexible warehouse space

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Strategically located fulfillment centers provide convenience and flexibility, while maintaining next day shipment capabilities throughout North America. MRO Logistix locations include:

  • Olive Branch, MS
  • Fairfield, CA
  • Kalamazoo, MI
  • Cork, Ireland

Each of our facilities offer:

  • GmP warehouse compliance
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Bulk and palletized storage
  • Segregated inventory to meet your requirements

Flexible warehouse space

RS Integrated Supply. Realize results.

Case Study

A large, multinational pharmaceutical company realized its inventory deployment process, including the inventory location itself, was creating high indirect material costs because of lost productivity. Work orders were completed via a kitting process with technicians selecting products from bins inside a cleanroom environment. However, because some products were stored elsewhere, technicians were required to travel 40 to 45 minutes to other locations.

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