Integrated Supply Services

RS Integrated Supply services engage your entire supply chain in developing a flexible and customized MRO solution that delivers maximum savings and efficiency gains.

Building on our subject matter expertise and industry-leading best practices earned over 30-plus years, we optimize your inventory, identify usage trends, eliminate duplicates, reduce costs, ease transaction processing and more.

Annually, RS Integrated Supply manages nearly $1 billion in MRO spend. We leverage that buying power for you. That means you reap the rewards through RS Integrated Supply’s expertise with every transaction.

During all Integrated Supply engagements, our team of industry experts evaluates your data to identify improvement opportunities. We then standardize that data and physically inventory your spare parts when necessary to improve accuracy. The verified data is then used to leverage spend, develop an inventory strategy for your location or network, streamline storeroom operations, and generate more effective maintenance procedures, including how material is ordered, received, stocked, issued and invoiced.

Our integrated supply programs offer in-depth specialties. Each offers complete visibility and tracking of agreed upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing you to see how and where our services are most effective:

Our programs come with performance guarantees. When we succeed, you succeed.

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