Workflow Process

RS Integrated Supply offers you the ability to right size inventory, streamline processes, improve equipment uptime and increase wrench time.

RS Integrated Supply’s workflow process consulting integrates storeroom operations with planning and maintenance. The powerful combination delivers results, while creating visibility into your entire operation. That means efficiency and reliability improvement.

I initially had some concerns with an outside company taking over parts order, re-stocking, etc. I have to say that my misgivings were 100% unwarranted.

Workflow Process

We examine the demand drivers for parts across your supply chain, including how parts are requested. We bore down into the actual work plans specifying what parts need to be delivered to what location. In short, we look at everything that impacts equipment performance.

Then RS Integrated Supply develops a custom work plan based on the integration of operations, planning and maintenance to mitigate disruptions to your supply chain. Taking this essential step can be a game changer for you and your business.

RS Integrated Supply. Realize results.

Case Study

A large, multinational pharmaceutical company realized its inventory deployment process, including the inventory location itself, was creating high indirect material costs because of lost productivity. Work orders were completed via a kitting process with technicians selecting products from bins inside a cleanroom environment. However, because some products were stored elsewhere, technicians were required to travel 40 to 45 minutes to other locations.

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