Material Risk Mitigation

RS Integrated Supply Material Risk Mitigation closely examines usage trends, criticality and costs, to deliver savings without compromising part quality or performance.

Analyzing the MRO supply chain through the multiple prisms of maintenance best practices, part availability or criticality, and cost constraints enable you to build better job plans that are enhanced by the relevancy and accuracy of your bills of materials.

It’s about stronger technical evaluation of part specifications, asking the right questions and finding the right answers.

    • What is the proper lead time?
    • Are other options available?
    • How critical is the part to the asset? To the plant? To safety?

(RS Integrated Supply) had a dramatic effect on spending. They buy better than we buy - better discounts - and their ability to use leveraging far surpassed competitors. There aren't many companies like (RS Integrated Supply).

Technical Procurement

At RS Integrated Supply, we understand the technical specifications required for your parts, including physical properties (flexibility, chemical composition, etc.) and operational dynamics (chemical resistance, temperature and pressure ratings, etc.) and how those properties impact asset reliability.

We research your inventory to determine which parts and SKUs, including critical spares, are eligible for standardization based on technical specifications, lead time and overall availability. You are offered options only when we’re absolutely convinced the change will deliver improve performance.

RS Integrated Supply’s material risk mitigation evaluation provides visibility to detailed part information and frees you from dependency on external sources. You control the supply chain, making consistent and leveraged decisions that create significant cost savings.

Case Study

A large general manufacturing company located on the west coast of the U.S. first implemented a procurement-only services agreement with RS Integrated Supply in 2005. Over the course of the relationship, RS Integrated Supply identified savings and process improvement opportunities, eventually leading the manufacturing company to expand RS Integrated Supply’s scope of work to include overall supply chain management and storeroom operation services.

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