Equipment Hierarchy
& BOM Development

Synovos defines the relationship between your assets and spare parts, a critical step in achieving maximum efficiency and reliability.

Synovos explore the linkage between parts and equipment, enabling you to create effective asset management and spare part stocking programs. Customized plans guide informed decisions on what spare parts are required and when, on inventory optimization, and opportunities for reuse, sale or disposal of obsolete or decommissioned parts.

Synovos has always responded. They listen to us. They work with us… they understand the customer.

Synovos equipment hierarchy and BOM development capabilities enable you to create an effective equipment management program. Our customized plans guide you in making informed business decisions, including how and when spares are needed; the capitalization of spares; inventory balancing and rebalancing; and the planning for reuse, sale or disposal of obsolete or decommissioned parts, criticality assessments and risk mitigation.

Synovos shows you how to maximize the return on your investment.

Case Study

A general manufacturing company located in the Midwest detected a rapid increase in the cost of MRO inventory associated with its production lines. The sharp cost increase was both surprising and confusing. The company deployed Synovos’ storeroom operations program at two of its five production sites to better control MRO inventory, improve purchasing power, and accent the company’s drive for continuous improvement.

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