5 Ways to lose your shirt!


Buy small amounts of commodities

By not leveraging the purchasing power of an organization that buys hundreds of millions in MRO for clients across North America, Europe and Asia. THAT is a great way to lose out on procurement savings.

Synovos buys over a half billion dollars in commodities, so we leverage down cost for you, while acquiring and managing critical spares that are unique to your facility. Find out how!


Don’t bother maintaining an accurate inventory

Purchasing too much inventory for your operation. Having purchased plenty of materials, you don’t anticipate any stockouts. Having an expert in supply chain management analyzing your processes, optimizing inventory, and tracking and reporting usage, can save millions of dollars and still have the critical parts you require.

Synovos has saved its clients over $100 million by optimizing MRO inventory, and using technology to track and manage efficient and effective operations, on-site. Find out how!


Critical spares are unavailable

Failing to make time to establish processes or garner expertise necessary to identify critical spares, resulting in long lead times and excessive downtime – potentially costing tens of thousands of dollars per hour. Working with a professional organization in identifying and procuring the spares you need, when you need them, reduces, or even eliminates, that downtime.

Synovos identifies critical spares that are unique to your plant operation, creating instant availability to reduce plant downtime. Find out how!


Drive up the cost of administrative operations

Burden your organization with administrative management of thousands of MRO and OEM suppliers, from issuing purchase orders, to invoicing, to payment and any reconciliation. Instead, let an integrated service provider do the work, reducing your invoices to a single supplier.

Synovos digital technology virtually eliminates thousands of MRO invoices, giving you the freedom to focus on other priorities. Find out how!


Unsure how to manage hundreds of maintenance warranties

Ineffectively managing MRO consumption. Without proper storeroom controls and security to maintain accurate inventory, material consumption increases. A true storeroom management professional secures the storeroom, instills efficient processes and maintains accurate inventory — resulting in significant reduction in material consumption. It means you’re not spending as much on MRO.

Synovos is a master at integrated supply – managing all your MRO warranties, saving clients millions of dollars in maintenance fees. Find out how!

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