5 Ways to lose your shirt!


40% of lost maintenance time
can be attributed to dealing
with spare parts.

A professional MRO supply chain specialist, using proper tools and processes, reduces lost maintenance time by delivering the right parts at the right time, improving maintenance effectiveness and increasing plant reliability.

Find out how Synovos can customize efficiency solutions just for your unique circumstances, while increasing operational quality.


Enterprise lacks technology

68% of all maintenance departments control storeroom inventory. Yet they are not the supply chain people buying the materials – thousands of stocked items and millions of dollars. Many lack the technology or time to avoid critical stock-outs, over-spending on excess inventory, or leveraging purchases to drive down cost. An integrated MRO service provider, does all that, potentially saving millions.

Synovos uses state of the art technology to identify and track parts, giving you instant access to what you need, when you need it. Find out how.


MRO invoices driving up administrative costs

Corporate purchasing and accounts payable spend precious time and money processing purchase orders and MRO invoices, driving up administrative costs. Why not deploy an integrated supply chain organization to strategically drive MRO purchases, leverage spend, and minimize your administrative and transactional burden?

Synovos takes care of virtually all invoices, which means your paperwork disappears, saving time and money. Find out how we do it!


The lack of connectivity

Lack of connectivity between the MRO supply chain and maintenance department leaves your planning and scheduling efforts lacking. Critical spares go unidentified, inventory accuracy plummets, and effective kitting and staging is limited – resulting in stock outs, unnecessary expedited freight costs, work order delays and, eventually, excess inventory. Outsourcing the entire MRO supply chain improves connectivity between storeroom and maintenance operations, resulting in more effective planning and scheduling and less downtime.

Synovos seamlessly provides the missing link between your plant operation and your MRO supply chain, resulting in less downtime and lower costs. Find out more!


Lack of MRO buying power

Gaining spend leverage for MRO procurement is nearly impossible without massive MRO buying power. Only a global integrated MRO supplier with more than 200 client locations and hundreds of millions in managed spend can significantly drive down your costs by leveraging purchasing volume, delivery and expertise.

Synovos leverages more than a half billion dollars in spend at more than 200 facilities to drive down your MRO parts and materials costs. Find out how!

Synovos. Realize results. Only Synovos delivers. Hundreds of the biggest manufacturing names on the planet, depend on Synovos.
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