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In the MRO supply chain, downtime is the enemy. Establishing Lean Six Sigma processes drives waste out of your supply chain, while improving material flow and equipment evaluation, reducing downtime. It is a system of management that benefits the business, customers, associates, and shareholders. Separately, Lean and Six Sigma practices each have strengths and weaknesses. […]

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Trigger events for addressing MRO supply chain issues are varied. It could be new plant leadership, lost production time or implementation of a new CMMS or EAM systems where hard questions get asked about processes surrounding the MRO supply chain. For one large manufacturing company in the United States, all of those factors were true. […]

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Effective and efficient MRO supply chain management starts with data. How your data is managed, analyzed, and interpreted determines the level of success. Technology plays an important role as well. When systems don’t communicate, work processes get bogged down, efficiency drops and the cost of doing business goes up. Businesses that fail to adequately invest […]

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Systems Integration in the MRO supply chain is critical to maximizing revenue and profit. Businesses that fail to invest in comprehensive systems integration often fall short in meeting customer expectations, becoming less efficient and less profitable. They then struggle to differentiate themselves from competitors.

This webinar reveals how systems integration improves overall supply chain performance.

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The goal of an MRO supply chain program is to effectively manage the flow of spare parts within the manufacturing ecosystem. Today’s supply chain demands collaboration with and input from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This webinar demonstrates how to generate more effective management practices and lower costs through stronger OEM partner relationships.

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