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At Synovos, we’ve been there, done that. We’ve learned a lot in 20 years and continue to set the bar for industry best practices. Sharing this knowledge is part of our mission to help you realize increased savings, efficiency and reliability.

Our archives contain examples of actual work, research and white papers developed by our team of experts over more than three decades. Take a look for yourself and let us know if you have any questions.

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Research shows that the typical pharmaceutical manufacturing plant has an MRO spend of roughly 6-10 percent of the site’s overall spend. So, a site spending $50 million annually, exhausts $3 million of that on MRO materials necessary to maintain the facility. Percentage wise, it’s not a lot. Yet, experience demonstrates that MRO eats up a […]

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For decades the MRO supply chain was virtually ignored as manufacturers focused on managing raw materials and supplies used in producing finished goods. Little attention was given to spare parts and materials consumed to support plant operations. This is no longer the case. Technology is forever changing how companies manage the MRO supply chain. From […]

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MRO supply chain management drains resources, whether it is staffing required to manage the physical storeroom, time to process work orders and reconcile invoices, or ever-increasing costs for those spare parts. Plant management often struggles in developing a strategic approach to how those parts and services should be managed, missing opportunities for efficiency gains in […]

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It’s no secret when it comes to the MRO integrated supply chain that the different departments involved sometime have competing interests. While all work toward the common goal of sustaining a profitable business, the different approaches sometimes cause stress. When discrepancies flare up it adds complexity to the work load. To ease that tension, it’s […]

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Does your MRO storeroom deliver “greatness”? A recent white paper published by NetexpressUSA Inc. (d/b/a®) outlines the benefits of MRO storeroom “greatness”, conditions required for success, its impact on maintenance performance and structure, and the best practices successful companies use in managing their MRO supply chain. The information is based on a survey of […]

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