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Webinar: Managing Critical Spares to Achieve Plant Reliability


Published November 13, 2018

Despite rapid improvement in technology, one thing remains constant in manufacturing, regardless of the industry involved: the drive for improved MRO storeroom management. With plant reliability the goal, the reality is that many companies struggle in effectively managing MRO, particularly critical spares.MRO Storeroom Management: Effectively managing critical spares to achieve plant reliability

In this webinar hosted by IMPO magazine, Synovos Reliability Engineer Steve Clayton explains why companies struggle with MRO, defines how critical spares impact plant reliability and provides an approach to mitigate associated risks.

Download the free webinar here.

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Data Quality and Accuracy and MRO?

Media Coverage

Published June 1, 2018

At Synovos, we deal with MRO data every day (see Master Data LeadershipSM). If you’re involved with your MRO supply chain you’re likely aware of the relationship between data and MRO, or more precisely, data quality and accuracy and MRO. published a recent report describing the value high-quality data brings to an integrated MRO supply chain management program. Michael Weinberg, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for Corporate Development, was among those interviewed.

“If you’re buying the same part in 15 different plants in a manufacturing environment, and you’re calling it 8 different things, and you don’t have a manufacturer make and model number on it, and you’re buying it from different suppliers in every plant, how do you leverage your supply chain? You end up paying much more for these parts than you should. You could spend $1 million on a particular part and not realize it. That’s a small example that could extend across tens of thousands of parts that are used in a plant every year,” said Weinberg.

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Synovos VP Don Shoemaker Talks MRO with Industrial Podcast

Media Coverage

Published April 20, 2018

Synovos Vice President Asset Services, Don Shoemaker, shares his thoughts on the changing dynamics of MRO inventory management, in a recent interview with Industrial Podcast, hosted by Scott MacKenzie.

The interview, conducted during the International Maintenance Conference in Bonita Springs, Florida, covers a range of topics, including a brief history of Synovos, the general purpose of the MRO storeroom, how parts are typically handled and what many companies are doing wrong when handling those parts.

You can listen to the podcast here or via YouTube.


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Using MRO Data to Support Plant Reliability


Published December 20, 2017

Steve Clayton and Brandon Coombs discuss the key components of good MRO data and how to transition such that the data can support reliability. In addition, the session provides tools to analyze MRO and unmask the critical information to provide visibility of current reliability issues, enable forecasting of potential risks and support critical part identification.

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Synovos Introduces ‘Plant Reliability Information Management’ Framework

Press Release

Published April 25, 2017

Synovos Introduces ‘Plant Reliability Information Management’ Framework to Ensure Asset Management and MRO Supply Chain Initiatives Support Business Goals Synovos delivers new thinking to plant reliability as a means of improving operations and effectively meeting increased production requirements Radnor, PA and Las Vegas (Reliability Conference), April 25, 2017 – Synovos (, a leader in Enterprise […]

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