Synovos SYNCTM

SYNOVOS SYNCTM leverages cloud technology enabling clients to significantly reduce costs and increase flexibility over legacy systems.

Reach for quality with SYNOVOS SYNCTM our proprietary MRO enterprise asset management system designed specifically to manage assets and your indirect material supply chain. This highly flexible, scalable solution empowers strong decision-making by bringing essential information to your fingertips. Synovos SYNCTM connects people, processes and assets across your enterprise.

Key system features include:

Preventive Maintenance
Job Plans
Work Orders
Safety Planning
Service Requests
Calibration and Safety Management
Business Intelligence Reporting
Ad-Hoc Reporting
User-defined Key Performance Indicators
Personalized Dashboards
Sourcing and Procurement
Inventory Optimization
Storeroom Management
Warranty Management and Tracking
Budget Tracking


Maximizes asset value and improve maintenance management processes with Synovos SYNCTM.

They are true partners, and probably our best supplier by far. There is no time when I have heard them say it can't be done, or we won't try to improve it. That goes from my shop all the way up to their president and CEO.

What makes SYNOVOS SYNCTM different?

Synovos SYNC

For starters, SYNOVOS SYNCTM grows and expands with your business. It has an exclusive user-friendly platform utilizing either cloud or on-premises technology that fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook. Drag-and-drop configuration allows your team to easily customize and share dashboards. An early adopter of HTML5, Synovos SYNCTM supports all browsers ensuring accessibility anywhere.

Synovos SYNCTM leverages the Microsoft xRM platform, which has more than one million users worldwide, and was recognized by Gartner, Inc. as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant. SYNOVOS SYNCTM has been tested and certified by Microsoft and is listed on the Microsoft Marketplace.

Synovos SYNCTM provides a service level agreement with 99.9% uptime through Microsoft online services.

Synovos. Realize results.

Case Study

A general manufacturing company located in the Midwest detected a rapid increase in the cost of MRO materials associated with its production lines. The sharp cost increase was both surprising and confusing. The company deployed Synovos’ third-party storeroom management program at two of its five production sites to better control storeroom inventory, improve purchasing power, and accent the company’s drive for continuous improvement.

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