Sourcing & Procurement

Synovos’ sourcing and procurement strategies save clients an average of 15-25% of their overall supply chain cost.

Synovos takes a strategic approach to getting results. We start by bringing all stakeholders to the table to ensure an accurate and thorough review of your indirect operation. Then we take a deep dive into your existing inventory and optimize it to eliminate excess. We identify all necessary parts and materials, including critical spares.

Synovos’ MRO purchasing power then reduces spend while keeping quality high. We reduce the number of invoices and payments from thousands down to a handful because Synovos does the rest.

Most important: Synovos customizes its services to meet the specialized needs of its clients. Services may include normalization of the enterprise supply chain; improvements to data integrity; content management and category consolidation; identification of items that impact cost structure; warranty tracking programs; system automation – and much more.

Synovos had a dramatic effect on spending. They buy better than we buy - better discounts - and their ability to use leveraging far surpassed competitors. There aren't many companies like Synovos.

Why Synovos? Simply put, we excel at sourcing and procurement, inventory optimization and operations. We customize plans based on input from maintenance, engineering, purchasing, finance and other partners within your operation. Synovos employs some of the best minds in the indirect supply chain business. And that means successful outcomes for you.

Synovos. Realize results.


Case Study

A large general manufacturing company located on the west coast of the U.S. first implemented a procurement-only services agreement with Synovos in 2005. Over the course of the relationship, Synovos identified savings and process improvement opportunities, eventually leading the manufacturing company to expand Synovos’ scope of work to include overall storeroom management services.

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