Technical Procurement

Synovos technical procurement services help you realize savings without compromising quality and performance.

Synovos works with you in navigating treacherous MRO waters with technical specification analysis and product standardization services. Technical procurement analysis provides visibility to detailed part information and frees you from the dependency on external sources. As a result, you control the MRO supply chain to make consistent and leveraged product purchases that create significant cost savings.

Imagine this very likely scenario: Your plant uses bearings from multiple manufacturers because that’s the way it has always been done. Purchasing buys the bearings from the manufacturer approved supplier which results in multiple suppliers. By providing visibility to the technical specifications of the bearing, the opportunity exists to consolidate from multiple manufacturers to a single manufacturer. This gives purchasing the ability to leverage the volume thereby reducing cost.

Synovos had a dramatic effect on spending. They buy better than we buy - better discounts - and their ability to use leveraging far surpassed competitors. There aren't many companies like Synovos.

Technical Procurement

This is one example where Synovos delivers major bottom line impact. We research your inventory to determine which parts and SKUs are eligible for standardization based on technical specifications, OEM commercialization uses and reverse engineering opportunities. Then we negotiate with suppliers to yield the greatest savings possible.

We like to call it a data driven approach to decision making.

Case Study

A large general manufacturing company located on the west coast of the U.S. first implemented a procurement-only services agreement with Synovos in 2005. Over the course of the relationship, Synovos identified savings and process improvement opportunities, eventually leading the manufacturing company to expand Synovos’ scope of work to include overall storeroom management services.

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