MRO Master Data Standardization

At Synovos, we believe high quality data is the building block to a successful MRO supply chain management program.

Synovos incorporates MRO Master Data Standardization from Day 1 as part of all integrated supply programs. It’s that important.

Synovos MRO Master Data Standardization is a comprehensive approach to improving and sustaining the critical data that enables inventory optimization, strategic sourcing, plant reliability and maintenance effectiveness. It’s a journey and Synovos is with you every step of the way.

At the outset of any integrated supply engagement, Synovos evaluates your data to identify areas of opportunity where improved data will drive value. Whether the data is for one site or multiple sites, Synovos then performs data cleansing and standardization. When necessary, Synovos physically inventories and evaluates your spare parts, going hands-on to improve accuracy. The result is verified data that is used across the integrated supply program to leverage spend, streamline storeroom operations, and generate more effective maintenance.

Synovos has the experience and institutional knowledge to lead a global project to enrich MRO data and parts in order to develop a sustainable database. Synovos’ project management is excellent, the team is responsive and flexible and they showed their capability in working through issues unique to specific sites across the globe. They interact directly with the subject matter experts at all global sites providing education, guidance and encouragement to meet timelines.

Master Data Leadership

Synovos MRO Master Data Standardization offers:

  • Cleansing of existing item data
  • Validation of manufacturers and part numbers
  • Proprietary MRO data framework that leverages global standards for
    • Classification and Commodity identification
    • Long and short descriptions
    • Units of measure
  • Identification of duplicates and common items across locations
  • MRO governance for data quality and reliability
  • Multilingual descriptions supporting a single global master e-catalog
  • Full integration with client systems, including SAP, Maximo, Infor, etc.


It’s not just about the data 

Standardizing your data is a critical first step in effective MRO supply chain management.  Synovos goes still farther, leveraging the improved data along with our extensive industry experience, and the best people, processes and enabling technologies to help you realize the value of improved data within your operations. It is why we are an industry leader.


Synovos MRO Master Data Standardization delivers savings, efficiency, reliability and visibility.

Case Study

A large general manufacturing company located on the west coast of the U.S. first implemented a procurement-only services agreement with Synovos in 2005. Over the course of the relationship, Synovos identified savings and process improvement opportunities, eventually leading the manufacturing company to expand Synovos’ scope of work to include overall storeroom management services.

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