Maintenance Planning
& Coordination

Synovos maintenance planning and coordination increases MRO maintenance reliability and productivity.

Synovos maintenance planning and coordination services reduce downtime, while increasing MRO maintenance reliability and productivity. We “connect the dots” regarding all MRO maintenance and replacement warranties, guarantees, and ongoing maintenance actions throughout your supply chain, providing maximum value by doing it all from one source – Synovos.

We focus on developing processes that support production and reduce down time. Our plans are based on what you actually own and how that relates to the demand drivers in the storeroom. This includes analysis of what work needs to be done, what is required to complete the work and when it’s needed. We optimize your MRO inventory, develop job plans and advise on kitting strategies.

Before Synovos we had weekly and even daily stock outs - expedited freight and machinery down. We have experienced only three stock outs in the last 13 months.

Maintenance Planning & Coordination

What makes our services different?

For starters, we are not a distributor who measures success by selling more parts. We measure success by driving your operating costs down. Synovos provides a complete integrated solution. Since our roots are in the storeroom, we bring to the table deep understanding and experience of what drives maintenance costs. We focus on the assets, both in the plant and in the storeroom that drive maintenance, quality and efficiency in your plant.

Case Study

A general manufacturing company located in the Midwest detected a rapid increase in the cost of MRO materials associated with its production lines. The sharp cost increase was both surprising and confusing. The company deployed Synovos’ third-party storeroom management program at two of its five production sites to better control storeroom inventory, improve purchasing power, and accent the company’s drive for continuous improvement.

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