MRO Master Data

85% of all data management initiatives fail to meet their objectives. Synovos Master Data LeadershipSM reverses this statistic.

Synovos Master Data LeadershipSM, our exclusive MRO data standardization services, delivers optimal actionable intelligence resulting in streamlined operations, leveraged spend, and balanced inventory from a global and regional perspective.

This is unlike any past services available to businesses striving for operational excellence in MRO data standardization. We filter data through the lens of leadership. It’s the difference between doing the right thing the right way versus doing the right thing the wrong way.

So what does Master Data LeadershipSM mean?

Master Data LeadershipSM effectively focuses on a cost effective systems-level approach that changes how we deliver data to lead company initiatives versus simply managing SKUs or records. By taking a step back and developing a true ecosystem comprised of end users, asset hierarchies, standards and processes, the likelihood of delivering a pragmatic, sustainable and usable data product increases exponentially.

Synovos has the experience and institutional knowledge to lead a global project to enrich MRO data and parts in order to develop a sustainable database. Synovos’ project management is excellent, the team is responsive and flexible and they showed their capability in working through issues unique to specific sites across the globe. They interact directly with the subject matter experts at all global sites providing education, guidance and encouragement to meet timelines.

Master Data Leadership

Synovos can help you get there.
Here’s how:

  • Proprietary MRO data standardization framework employs global standards for
    • Commodity identification
    • Technical attributes
    • Units of measure
  • Embeds workflow and approval flow to support Master Data Quality and reliability
  • Supports multilingual local purchasing descriptions tied into a single global master catalog
  • Fully integrates with client systems, enhancing CMMS and ERP capabilities
  • Leverage Synovos’ core business services to yield even greater results, including
    • On-site operational resources
    • Global sourcing capabilities
    • Millions of SKUs in our current data model

The key to success is to maintain it after it is built.

Synovos governance and stewardship services will help you with the next step of managing and operating within the new data leadership framework. As a result, you will work more efficiently, and utilize a centralized MRO data standardization approach to get results.

Exceptional organizations take a leadership position in managing content through use of enrichment services. Synovos provides the solution to consistent, accurate information available across all facets of your operation: inventory optimization, strategic sourcing, plant reliability and maintenance effectiveness.

Synovos Master Data LeadershipSM delivers savings, efficiency, reliability and visibility.

Case Study

A large general manufacturing company located on the west coast of the U.S. first implemented a procurement-only services agreement with Synovos in 2005. Over the course of the relationship, Synovos identified savings and process improvement opportunities, eventually leading the manufacturing company to expand Synovos’ scope of work to include overall storeroom management services.

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