Synovos MRO integrated supply and engineering & consulting services provide exceptional results and extraordinary value to your bottom line. Learn how our services drive increased savings, efficiency, visibility and reliability across your enterprise.

Realize Results.

Integrated Supply

Integrated Supply with Synovos means cost savings through optimized inventory, increased quality, reduced downtime, and efficient purchasing power. Annually, Synovos manages more than $500 million in MRO spend that we leverage for you. That means you reap the rewards through Synovos’ Integrated Supply expertise with every transaction. Synovos brings the results you need - and fast.

But that’s just the beginning.

Our turnkey services go beyond purchasing indirect materials. Synovos expertise reaches deep into your organization to maximize results.

We examine your entire supply chain, engaging all departments and stakeholders within your organization in developing a flexible, customized resource management strategy that ensures maximum savings and efficiency. Our goal: put you back in control of your MRO supply chain by maximizing Integrated Supply.

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Engineering & Consulting

Synovos delivers a complete package of Engineering & Consulting services that provide visibility into your MRO data, supply chain, equipment and inventory. Visibility enables implementation of effective metrics. Effective metrics drive improvements in performance, reliability, efficiency and savings.

Our customized plans include services such as workflow process consulting, asset hierarchy and bill of materials development, maintenance planning and coordination, technical procurement, and an exclusive Synovos data enrichment service called Master Data LeadershipSM.

Let Synovos experts help you gain control of your assets.

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Technology that Transforms.

That’s Synovos.

Synovos’ exclusive technology drives improvements in performance, reliability, efficiency and savings. Our technology platform consolidates your supply chain, asset, and maintenance information, while streamlining processes to provide you with powerful information that enables better decision-making.

Our three highly flexible tools include: Synovos SYNC™, our proprietary enterprise asset management system connecting people, processes and assets enterprise-wide; DynamicSupplySM, an e-supply chain management tool providing a retail-oriented experience to MRO / indirect materials purchasing; and our mobility solutions connecting all of your applications using any web-enabled device.

Each platform functions in real time. Let Synovos maximize asset value and improve your maintenance management processes today.

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Enterprise Value

Enterprise Value.

That’s Synovos.

At Synovos, we recognize the importance of integrating supply chain, data, asset management, and technology across your organization’s enterprise. Our services provide systems visibility and actionable information that enables your operation to run more effectively.

Our unification of data leads to leveraged spend and optimized and balanced inventory. You gain detailed intelligence on asset costs and performance, opening the door for standardized activity, including work orders, job plans and failure codes.

How does your organization benefit from Synovos Enterprise Value?:

· Inventory Optimization
· Supply Chain Leverage
· Planning
· Workflow Process
· Maintenance / Reliability Improvements

Let Synovos reinvigorate your enterprise. Visit our Knowledge Center for client case studies demonstrating Synovos Enterprise Value.

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