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Initial Involvement: The global chemical manufacturer client engaged Synovos to cleanse and standardize its maintenance, repair and spare parts data. It provided a spreadsheet detailing 350,000 items in seven different languages that were housed at 33 different sites in four different regions around the world. It was a global Master Data Leadership project spanning 17 countries. About 60 percent of the data contained mismatches as well as missing product or location information, requiring Synovos personnel to go on-site to physically inventory the items.

Added Value: Synovos verified images for 200,000 of the 350,000 items from the client. That verification enabled the manufacturer to reduce inventory after identifying 70,000 duplicate stock numbers and leverage spend savings by identifying common items. In addition, common item identification increased uptime by improving production capacity. Overall, the manufacturers’ technicians spent less time identifying items, increasing their productivity and overall effectiveness.

Results Realized: The company has retained Synovos to manage its storeroom operations at five sites in the United States and is currently considering Synovos for global storeroom operations and Bill of Materials management.

"Synovos has the experience and institutional knowledge to lead a global project to enrich MRO data and parts in order to develop a sustainable database. Synovos’ project management is excellent, the team is responsive and flexible, and they showed their capability in working through issues unique to specific sites across the globe. They interact directly with the subject matter experts at all global sites providing education, guidance and encouragement to meet timelines."

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