Top 5 reasons to join Synovos!

At Synovos, we realize fostering a career culture in which employees are properly challenged, trained and rewarded is what leads both the employee and the company to thrive. People join Synovos because of:

  1. Job Satisfaction

    Our retention rates are among the highest in the industry and job satisfaction is a big reason why. Many of our founding employees are still here – more than 20 years later!

  2. Career Growth

    We’ve got you covered with the support to learn, grow and succeed in the supply chain industry. With Synovos’ training and development opportunities, we provide all the tools necessary for your success…and ours.

  3. Leadership Opportunities

    Synovos’ Leadership Development Program offers an opportunity for you to identify and achieve your professional goals while becoming an industry leader.

  4. Work-Life Integration

    As a Synovos team member, you work diligently for our clients daily. Our leadership understands and values the importance of work life integration.

  5. Enterprising Environment

    Synovos managers and staff have the flexibility to do what’s necessary to help clients be more productive and profitable.

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