Reliability and the MRO Supply Chain: 4 Essential Tools

Published December 21, 2016

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Many companies continue to struggle with the MRO supply chain and deal with it by ignoring or at least tolerating the existence of the MRO storeroom and the necessary operations around it. Few companies work to improve the functionality of the MRO supply chain and some do not even consider MRO storeroom management as part of plant operations at all. Others are striving to strike a balance.

In his book, Outsourcing MRO…Finding a Better Way, George Krauter writes, “MRO represents the highest percentage of cost recovery opportunity….and should be a major target for reliability and profit improvement.”

There is little doubt that MRO storeroom operations, MRO storeroom solutions, MRO supply chain management, or however you label it, is gaining attention from the corporate offices to the production floor. If it hasn’t already reached that point at your company, it will.