Data Quality and Accuracy and MRO?

Published June 1, 2018

At Synovos, we deal with MRO data every day (see Master Data LeadershipSM). If you’re involved with your MRO supply chain you’re likely aware of the relationship between data and MRO, or more precisely, data quality and accuracy and MRO. published a recent report describing the value high-quality data brings to an integrated MRO supply chain management program. Michael Weinberg, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for Corporate Development, was among those interviewed.

“If you’re buying the same part in 15 different plants in a manufacturing environment, and you’re calling it 8 different things, and you don’t have a manufacturer make and model number on it, and you’re buying it from different suppliers in every plant, how do you leverage your supply chain? You end up paying much more for these parts than you should. You could spend $1 million on a particular part and not realize it. That’s a small example that could extend across tens of thousands of parts that are used in a plant every year,” said Weinberg.

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