The Value of Being There…………. Being Early

Published November 24, 2014

My two top credos for success are…… “Always show up” & “If you are on time, you are late”.

I was 30 minutes early for a doctor’s appointment [the doc is always 30 minutes late]; ergo, I was an hour early. I was wearing my Temple U. Owls jacket.

After registering and taking a seat, a man asked me if I was a Temple supporter which I am and, I told him so. Our conversation diverged from the world of education [he was a lawyer out of Temple Law and I am not]. Going through our mutual interests, we landed in the world of soccer. We went as far back as Philadelphia high schools, playing and coaching, Manchester United, the ’52 Olympics, NFL place kickers etc., etc., etc.

The natural progress of these kinds of conversations inevitability gets to, “What do you do?” Well, it turned out that my new best friend is a senior executive for a major international manufacturing company. When I told him what we do….remember, he DID ask….he gave me the name and number of his executive concerned with cost recovery in his company.

I know that there are numerous ways that opportunities are generated but, a doctor’s office??? It is written and a scientifically proven fact that 80% of the value created via networking comes from strangers or what is called “loose ties”—often from an acquaintance of a co-worker, supplier, client, or, in this case, a complete stranger. Those who create these values are called “Super connectors” which comes naturally because super connectors are strongly motivated to find value from opportunity no matter how strange the venues.

People who are always late wonder why good “STUFF” never happens to them; I do not! The point??? If I had not been early, or if I had not keep my appointment, the “Super connection” would not have occurred and the benefits not realized.

Oh yes………Wearing my Temple U. jacket helped.