RS Integrated Supply Field Operations Contributes to COVID-19 Fight

Published April 13, 2020

COVID-19 continues to be a big strain on those of us involved in the supply chain. It has engulfed our day with COVID-19 updates from vendors and suppliers, CDC, WHO, US Government, our company in general, and more all shared via television, radio, and social media. It’s everywhere.

But there is a bright side to all of this. It’s the stories my coworkers at RS Integrated Supply are experiencing every day, working together, helping our customers maintain their essential facilities and sustaining the supply chain. It is RS Integrated Supply at its best.

Sure, there are a lot of extra hours being put in by our colleagues, who are working hard at keeping essential customers stocked with necessary supplies. Beyond that, we’re also tasked with finding alternatives to products no longer available in a timely manner, with brainstorming creative ideas, all for the higher purpose of maintaining the supply chain.

In one example, in the Philadelphia region, one client asked us to source materials necessary to maintain mobile morgues for a local hospital. We secured those materials and delivered them outside one of the city’s emergency rooms. Now, other hospitals are asking for similar material, including tents for outdoors COVID-19 testing.

These are all items not generally in our scope of work. The dedication from our teams on the ground is immeasurable and is directly contributing to the fight.

I’m proud of the work of my colleagues, proud of how RS Integrated Supply has responded to our clients’ demands and I look forward to the day when, after this is over, we can pause and officially recognize these contributions.

It will be worth it.