Outsourcing: Opportunity for Career Development

Published December 1, 2011

Recently I was asked to participate in a webinar about outsourcing non-core functions vs. keeping these activities in-house. There is no question that outsourcing of functions that are not within a company’s area of expertise is critical in a down economy.

The manager of the webinar cautioned me to be careful not to cause fear of job loss to some of those in the audience. Existing jobs that can be consolidated to produce reduced cost will, at some point, be eliminated. Personnel in these jobs should recognize that those functions are in jeopardy. For security, they should take the necessary steps to secure their future.

Fear of job loss to the outsourcing of non-core functions is short-sighted and dangerous. Those in such situations have career opportunities in supporting the outsourcing benefits to their companies. Experience shows that opportunities come from promotions into managing the outsourcing program, managing the work for the provider and moving to new jobs within the company.

Recognize where outsourcing can occur and be pro-active.