Are There Foxes in Your Hen House?

Published February 1, 2011

MRO stores are often like cookie jars to children or hens to foxes.  No matter how high you put them or where you hide them, parts, like cookies and hens, are taken without permission.


Will management invest the time and money needed to secure the “hen house”?  Probably not – especially in a tough economy.  So, how are you to stop the drain in an operation where your costs are not recovered in your manufacturing process?

Manufacturing plants should not be in the “hen house” business; it is not their core competency. MRO stores operations represent huge opportunity costs that they do not control and, under current conditions, cannot control.


Look to a third party service provider like Storeroom Solutions who is focused on MRO stores management and keep the foxes out of your hen house.  These companies are in business to deliver a return on your investment. The effect: achieve control and realize measurement, reporting and significant total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction benefits.  Spend your time on profitable opportunities and rely on experts for functions that are outside your core competencies.

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