Food Company Safety Dilemma

Published August 22, 2013

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A CEO and CFO of a food processing company are faced with a dilemma.

Their major clients are a part of an organization of food retailers who have set food safety standards that they require of their suppliers.

The requirement is not unlike ISO 9000 in that the food processor must show functions that include the proper installation of the proper part using the proper lubricant, etc. The functions must be documented or the clients can reject shipments and commitments.

The dilemma is caused by senior management’s concerns over how to get the mechanics to follow the required procedures consistently. The mechanics have been following certain rules and directions for years. Now they are not only faced with change, they have to document and prove that the proper food grade lubricant was used on the bearing installation, etc. The parts they request from the storeroom are the parts they are given. There is no guidance or questioning from storeroom attendants whose job description is to do what they are told.