Each of us at Synovos works hard to ensure client success. Results like increased productivity, profitability and global competitiveness don’t lie. See what our clients have to say below. Synovos. Realize results.

They are true partners, and probably our best supplier by far. There is no time when I have heard them say it can't be done, or we won't try to improve it. That goes from my shop all the way up to their president and CEO.
Synovos had a dramatic effect on spending. They buy better than we buy - better discounts - and their ability to use leveraging far surpassed competitors. There aren't many companies like Synovos.
They're focused on customer service. They're always available, no matter when. There aren't many who are willing to put their money where their mouth is.
Before Synovos we had weekly and even daily stock outs - expedited freight and machinery down. We have experienced only three stock outs in the last 13 months.
Synovos has always responded. They listen to us. They work with us… they understand the customer.
I initially had some concerns with an outside company taking over parts order, re-stocking, etc. I have to say that my misgivings were 100% unwarranted.
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