Looking for a dynamic career in Supply Chain management? RS Integrated Supply is the place for you!

We are confident you will find RS Integrated Supply a dynamic and rewarding place to work. We consider employees of RS Integrated Supply our most valuable resource. We recognize that our people drive the business. The safety and well-being of each employee is our top priority. RS Integrated Supply’s mission is to follow our founding principles of Respect, Fairness, and Integrity in all our relationships, while putting safety first. We cherish these values and are dedicated to displaying them towards our employees throughout their career with us. Promoting a culture in which employees are properly challenged, trained and rewarded is what leads both our employees and the company to thrive.

People join RS Integrated Supply because of:

  1. Job Satisfaction

    Every RS Integrated Supply employee serves a critical function within the organization. Whether in field operations, procurement, or administration, we deliver meaningful results to our customers that make a difference.

  2. Leadership Opportunities & Career Growth

    We’ve got you covered with the support to learn, grow, and succeed in the supply chain industry. With RS Integrated Supply’s training and development opportunities, we provide all the tools necessary for your success and ours!

  3. Enterprising Environment

    RS Integrated Supply managers and staff have the flexibility to do what’s necessary to help customers be more productive and profitable.

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