About Us

RS Integrated Supply provides technology-driven, comprehensive MRO supply chain management services, asset services and technology that drive increased productivity, profitability and global competitiveness for our clients.

As a global integrated supply chain services company, RS Integrated Supply provides comprehensive and effective MRO supply chain management services that drive increased profitability, improved productivity and sustained reliability. We are not a distributor. We are agnostic to the supply chain. We diligently work to find the spare parts you need at the right price and on time. Our roots are in MRO supply chain management. That’s where we started decades ago, evolving from that single point, giving RS Integrated Supply unequaled industry expertise. Our team members are committed to producing results. Our knowledge is built from the clients we serve, including life sciences, chemical processing, food processing, general manufacturing, newspapers and printing, colleges and universities, among others. Based in the United States, RS Integrated Supply provides services around the globe, with additional business entities in Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Singapore, and Europe. We have the infrastructure and partner relationships needed to deliver client success worldwide. In 2021, RS Integrated Supply was acquired by RS Group (formerly Electrocomponents plc.), a global solutions provider based in London.

Composed of the top supply, asset and technology minds in the business, RS Integrated Supply’s management team is committed to helping our customers achieve maximum savings by synchronizing the supply chain with assets through the innovative use of technology to gain better visibility, greater efficiency, and increased reliability.

We are confident you will find RS Integrated Supply a dynamic and rewarding place to work. We consider employees of RS Integrated Supply our most valuable resource. We recognize that our people drive the business. The safety and well-being of each employee is our top priority. Our mission is to follow our founding principles of Respect, Fairness, and Integrity in all our relationships, while putting safety first.

Originally founded as Storeroom Solutions, our focus was on MRO storerooms design, management and purchasing. Today, we are the leading global MRO integrated supply services company. Our story continues to evolve. 

RS Integrated Supply is a leading provider of global integrated supply services. Our global presence includes the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Asia and Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA).

Our offering evolved from the traditional storeroom design & operations to include a full range of integrated supply chain, asset management and technology services.

Vision Statement

To be a values-driven organization providing comprehensive Integrated Supply Chain Management and Engineering & Consulting Services that increase our customers’ productivity, profitability and competitiveness in the global marketplace.


Founding Principles

Respect, Fairness and Integrity in all our relationships, while putting Safety first.

Safety Policy

Safety will always be our Number One priority. Working safely is everyone's responsibility and is a condition of employment with RS Integrated Supply. We are dedicated to the principle that all accidents and injuries are preventable. We can achieve this objective by following all Safety, Health and Environmental rules and by practicing the principles of our Safety Program. These principles demand that we always ask ourselves how the activities we are engaged in, at work or at home, can be performed safely. By "seeing" Safety in all that we do, we can achieve our objective of ZERO incidents or injuries.
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